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Free Roaming and Local Rate From Bangladesh

Getting a roaming service in Bangladesh is easy and convenient, If you buy your air ticket from zooFamily. “zooFamily” is a community of Aviation and Travel Industries which supports ordinary people, corporates , aviation and travel industries with “Training – Information – Services”. Our information creates value to readers and providers, which turn trainees into  entrepreneurs, bloggers, job holders in aviation and travel industries. Our organizer are Airways OfficeTravelzoo Bangladesh Ltd , Travel News Bangladesh and zoo Info Tech. Recently we have launched a program which called “no roaming charge for Bangladeshi traveller”.We will make your Sim virtual by a device and Apps.For Business class passengers we set the full service “Free of cost” and other passengers setup fee only 29$(2500BDT),no extra charge. After setup you can talk from worldwide just with local call rate, which is really amazing and save a lot. For your roaming service call here : +8801978569291

1.Put it with your SIM card at our office. And you can still access your phone call or message.
2.Voice call and messages transfer through internet to the App on your phone.
3.Plug in the power and use ,that is all you need to do.
4.This is the best dual SIM adapter for your phones
5.No roming fee when you travel to other country.
6.Suitable for home or office.
7.Small and easy to use.
8.Smart & Beautiful.
9.Far more stable and secure than other products which use bluetooth.
10.Use internet to transfer the voice and message,stable and power saving.

Its support 4G network, work all of the world.The best part no roaming charges for travel abroad.Enjoy exact local rate. You will use a APPS and the CALL and SMS will maintain from local country (Bangladesh) through by APPS. Which means you will maintain your sim card through by APPS. We will insert your sim card in our device to roaming your voice call and sms.

How did Roaming device work

The device connect to wifi ,and use APP to Manage the cards inside the device.

Using network to transmit voice and SMS

Its mean we have to setup a software to your iOS and Android phone and your sim will be connect with router and router will be connect with software.


No need to carry your sim ,and keep online ,Signal stabilization and enjoy your local rate always.

No Roaming charge for our business class passengers:No Need Carry Work with WiFi Data to Make Call SMS

Support device
Work with i Phone and Android phone .


*support 4G network

*No Roaming fee

*Global usable

*No need to carry your sim or any devices.

*We can make you dual SIM online

Excuse me are you kidding me local rate?

-Yes Because we will keep your SIM and convert it virtual SIM with a Device and APPS. You will just left your sim to us and receive a virtual sim without any cost. The device and Sim will  be connected through router and Internet. So your all call and SMS gone through locally, which means local rate in foreign.


Q: What happens if the SIM in the device and has a call coming?
A: There will be a prompt, you can choose to switch the call. Another call is in a pause state, you can switch back and restore at any time.
Q: The APP is closed and is not running in the background. What happens when a call comes ?
A: When the APP is completely closed, if there is a call, the APP will start automatically, show the call interface. And will not miss any calls.
Q: Is it possible to use the SIM card data in the device?
A: The data in the device cannot be used. you can only use the SIM card in the device to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS messages.
Q: Does the product use VIOP calls, will it consume a lot of data?
A: It uses the SIM card in the device to make & receive calls. It is not an ordinary Internet call. It uses the APP to remotely control the SIM card in the device to make & receive calls. In fact, it use your SIM card to making a call.
Q: Does it support call recording?
A: Yes, it can support call recording.
Q: Can I still receive a call when my home router is disconnected or powered off?
A: If the device is disconnected from the network, you can’t continue to receive any calls and text messages, but our cloud server will send a reminder to APP to tell you who call you.
Q: What is the working principle of the product?
A: In fact ,the device is a mobile phone without a screen. you need to use the APP to remotely control the device to make and receive calls.

Call for Setup:+8801978569291

For all kind of Business class passenger can enjoy this service free of cost. And for other passengers setup fee only 29$(2500BDT). Full Device Price: 450$ 39000BDT

Free Booking Service and hold your Air ticket And get Roaming Free:

If you want to take our free booking services than  you may contact with us via email or phone,You don’t pay need to pay for a booking and a booking could hold max up to 5 days.Call or WhatsApp for free booking service: +8801978569295 or +8801978569296

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