Friday , October 15 2021


the Top 5 Music Band in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country. People of Bangladesh are so much crazy about music, As a result a majority of music listeners mostly use to listen and have so much fun on band music. The other thing is, most of the music bands in Bangladesh are famous worldwide for …

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The Top 5 TV Series In over the world

Television is a very competitive landscape these days. It’s hard for a series to perform well enough to run for five seasons, let alone enter double-digits territory. But a few select shows have managed to stay on air far longer than anyone could’ve ever predicted. Here We Show The Top …

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the ranking of the highest-grossing Bangladeshi films

This is a ranking of the highest-grossing Bangladeshi films screened at cinemas in Bangladesh and globally. This is the ranking of the highest-grossing Bangladeshi films which have released after the Independence of Bangladesh.   Rank           Title                All-time gross(in BDT)   Year 1    …

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Cheapest Netflix countries to watch

Is Netflix in your country good value? To gather this data, we’ve taken a look at several different factors. First, we looked at the figures based on the number of TV shows and movies available in 77 countries (according to the most up-to-date figures from uNoGS, or where data wasn’t …

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Live Cricket Streaming

Watch Bangladesh vs West Indies Live Cricket Streaming on Zoo Info Tech . Everyone can watch all live Cricket match here. You can watch 24/7 live streaming on our site. Bangladesh vs west indies, Bangladesh vs west indies live, Bangladesh vs west indies live streaming, watch Bangladesh vs west indies live streaming, watch Bangladesh …

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Top ten garments industry in Bangladesh

The ready made garments industry acts as a catalyst for the development of Bangladesh. RMG helps effectively to change the economical scenery of Bangladesh. The “Made in Bangladesh” tag has also brought glory for the country, making it a prestigious brand across the world. Now Bangladesh is the 2nd largest …

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